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Yeva Babayan

Since 2018, Yinglish course methodologist Yeva has focused on helping Mandarin-speaking students across the globe learn conversational and professional English. While most Mandarin/English instructors grew up as native Mandarin speakers and learned English as a child or adult, Yeva is the opposite – she’s a native English speaker who studied Mandarin. In addition to English and Mandarin, Yeva speaks Russian and Armenian.

As a result of this unique four language advantage, Yinglish is one of the best places for Chinese students to learn English. It’s also a big reason why Yeva has over 1 million followers on Kuaishou!

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Professional English

Become fluent in workplace English by training with a native speaker who understands and appreciates the finer points of the language.

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Fun, Engaging Content

The video lesson modules at Yinglish were designed to keep Chinese youth of all ages fully immersed in and engaged with the study material.

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Comprehensive Lessons

With 3 great packages to choose from, Yinglish makes learning foundational English from the comfort of home easier than ever before.


What our students say

"Your classes are explained in a very detailed and through way. You are the best ESL teacher I have ever met. Hope you come to China and open your language school soon..”

Li Zhiqiang
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“My child likes your course a lot. It is much more clearer than in cram schools. Your methods are also unique. My child learns very fast and enjoys learning a lot. Your class is not boring at all. Thank you, Teacher.”

Wang Fang
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